the working class.

If you haven’t realized by now, community college is certainly different from going to a four-year institution.  I don’t mean different in the usual ways; dorms, frat parties, meal plans, living at home vs. alone, roommates, etc. Students at community colleges have different motivators than those at the four-year level.  Of course, both are bettering themselves in hopes of more career opportunities and the like.  But here’s what stuck a chord with me; most students (at least at my community college) are working while going to school.

Sure, university students work college jobs to make some extra cash, but I would say most don’t rely on their own source of income to pay for college, living expenses, car insurance, etc.  It’s a sheer numbers game; more than half of my class works- and that’s the norm.  The only reason I held a job while I was at my previous college was for spending money.  I didn’t need to work, but I felt that if I didn’t I was a mooching bum.  Also, it gave me something to do with all my down time.  (In hindsight, that “down time” was more like, “don’t give a fuck” time.)

So, here I am falling in line.  Without sounding too optimistic, I’ve already landed two jobs within weeks of moving home.  It took me two years to find my last job.  My theory that it was easier to find a job in a college town was thrown out the window.  But why complain when things are lining up so perfectly?  Cause I’m always cautious when things go well for me.  It goes beyond “too good to be true” for me- this just doesn’t happen.

Let’s see how long this trend lasts…


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