in search of normalcy

What I’m doing right now is the norm:

Go to college (more like return home to go to community college cause four-year institutions are a joke), get a job, start saving up for something to prove your responsible, start dating to prove you’re socially and emotionally capable, then…


I’m still haunted by that question; what now?  Is that the fear of our generation?  After being force fed education for a quarter century we’re thrown into the wild with the expectations that we have become fully functional citizens; capable of running the country.  Cause if you think about it, it’s not the politicians we all love to hate.  It’s us who will be the working class, replacing our parents- ushering in a new era.  No pressure, right?

I feel like a car that’s been hand crafted for the last 20+ years; high value, but waiting for a buyer.  So I just sit in the lot until an offer comes along.   I don’t even have a degree yet and the pressure to find a good, well paying job is unbearable.  Maybe companies have realized college students have such low standards when it comes to employment, we’ll pretty much take anything just to get rid of all this debt.  Hell, we take on jobs our parents would never be proud of just so we can pay our way through school.

It’s sad.  It’s sick.

So I’ll just coast through the bullshit on autopilot.  Never really understood why one must work while in school.  Quite counterproductive to me.  Some people can do it; but isn’t the point of going to school is to avoid such menial jobs and go for the more “qualified” ones.  I mean, that’s why we choose to put ourselves in debt…right?

While I may not agree with the motives of this sense of normalcy, I understand it.  Who doesn’t want to have money of their own, go to school for something they enjoy, and maybe even find love?  Balancing all three is the norm of our generation.

Just remember- normalcy doesn’t equal consistency.


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