our parents’ fear

We are the generation of flux.
Not knowing what we want.
But knowing that we want it now.
To hell with the status quo.
We let the present define us, the past teach us, our future remain unwritten.
We’re open to multiple walks of life.
We’re sensitive to our fellow human.
What doesn’t bother us is not our place to judge.
Our privacy is more private than yours.
Once everything is out on the table, we then decide who is let into our secret club.
We realize life is to be shared with one another.
We share celebrations.
We share mistakes.
What is tradition to us but a revolving door.
We’re fluid with the times.

You fear we lack morals, lack direction, lack tradition.  We have all those traits.  We fear confinement.  We fear stagnation.  We don’t have a problem.  We are not the problem.

Your fears are our dreams.
And dreamers we are.


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