duality: intro

Where does one life start and the next one begin?

That’s the question that’s been plaguing me ever since I’ve moved home.  I don’t handle large social changes to my life well.  I’d have to cut away at the old, in order to prepare for the new.  I never seem to move into new situations when most convenient for my sanity.   May it be friends or relationships, I tend to reach my limit for both pretty quickly.  Then once I depart and move on, it becomes difficult for me to make new friends as my quota is already filled by qualified folks.

Now, I’m not sure what to do.

Specifically, I don’t know what to do about my ex and my current boyfriend.  Here’s the abridged version:

                Ex from my old school wants me back, after I moved an hour away.  I don’t do long distance.  Didn’t fly.  Nor, did his knowledge of me already dating someone else.  Current boyfriend is a godsend.  Seriously, read all my blogs about him.  He doesn’t like the ex after the way he’s treated me.  I tried being friends with the ex.  Again, didn’t fly.  Countless phone calls and numerous threats later, the ex and I are on (semi) good terms.  Talking terms.  The darling boyfriend respects my decision, but doesn’t understand why I even bothered.

I’m torn.  I have defined their places in my life- no lines will be crossed.  The ex will remain the ex, the boyfriend the boyfriend.  But, where do I draw the line.  When is enough, enough?  When does my help become harm?  Such is my dilemma.

Enter duality.


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