crossing the bridge.

Even though I have a billion other blogs waiting in my queue, I just felt the need to post something quick!  So here goes.

Before I left the university, I was a Political Science major.  I switched to that from a Communications major, with an emphasis in Radio and Television.  At that time, I wanted to be a network producer, videographer, or a news anchor.  This stemmed from a stint as co-anchor/producer for my high school’s daily news show.  My father then came to the conclusion that I should try for something with some better…”substance”.  I liked watching “Law & Order”, had a faint interest in politics, and have been told I’d make a kick-ass lawyer; political science was the logical step.  The goal, of course, being law school.

After completing my general education classes (two God-awful, useless years of nonsense), I told myself I can’t take two three more years of this and three years of law school.  I’m crazy, but no masochist.  During the period between my junior and super senior years, I looked at other programs and certificates:

  • Communications? Nope, two more years.
  • IT/Computer Science? Well, I do love some good tech porn. Add two years.
  • Teaching? Dos años, plus certification. Next.
  • Nongovernmental Organizations Leadership and Development certificate? Add fancy sounding certificate for the low, low price of one semester!

Changing my major was out of the question at this point, but that certificate certainly looked appetizing.  I attempted it, then ended up leaving my school at the end of the 2012 Fall semester.  Bust.

Now, I’m starting fresh- but ahead of the game.  A clean slate, with a few extras.  This time I’m going for something that I not only enjoy, but it’s tangible.  I won’t sound like a secret agent when I explain my occupation to someone.  Then again…

Back to reality, an associates in Computer & Network Securities Specialist should create multiple avenues to channel my ever-changing career goals.  At first, I was going to go straight into the work force, but my father isn’t too keen on that.  He’d rather I go for my bachelor’s (again) somewhere.

After careful consideration, I believe that I will continue to foray into this field.  Originally, I planned to become part of an IT team, then eventually start my own firm.  I feel starting my own business would be a great accomplishment that I would be proud to call mine.  While I was scouring the net in the wee hours for guidance, I stumbled upon a new possibility; Technology teacher.  I figure this would be great because I’d work with older kids, who hopefully have an interest in technology.  I know, a future lawyer wants to be a teacher; polar opposites.  I have the capacity to teach something so relevant to this generation, that I would feel greatly accomplished each day if they learned something new.  This path will take some serious mind-time (thinking for you lay people), as there is more dedication needed in order to be successful.

With the way things are going lately, I honestly think I can do it this time.

But lets make it though the semester first.


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