the week ends.

This week needs to end.

Reason 1:


Pretty self-explanatory.

Reason 2:

Little quality time with the boyfriend.  If it seems that I have been blogging about him a lot, I am.  Building a new relationship in this situation is something new for me.  That’s why I feel I can chronicle (huh, huh *nudge*) this journey here.  After being in multiple relationships while I was away at college, I feel like anyone can do it.  Going from developing serious relationships with minimal interference, to doing so under constant surveillance is quite nerve-racking.  Especially for a 22 year old.  Good thing my parents usually don’t want to know about my love life.

It always seems that mother nature doesn’t like seeing my boyfriend and I together- so she throws a fit.  More like a giant-ass, wet snowball.  On top of that, his birthday is Friday (see Reason 3).  He will also be attending a wedding (Reason 4) Saturday.  Since the community college we attend is 10 minutes from my house, we normally go there every Tuesday and Thursday.  Due to some recent and sensitive developments, that may (or may not) change.  I promise to divulge more as this situation reveals itself.  We did get to see each other for an hour today, but I wanted to be selfish; it just wasn’t enough.  I know he wants this week to be over as well.  I’ve never wanted Sunday to come sooner.   Unless I was severely hungover from the previous three days.

Reasons 3 & 4:

Due to those aforementioned developments, plus his family coming up for the wedding, I will not be seeing the boyfriend on his birthday.  Just continue to add to the anxiety.  In all reality, I was relieved because we have only been dating a month- a little too soon to be meeting the whole family.  My bank account is schizophrenically empty and with Thursday quickly approaching, I need to figure out what I’m getting him. Pronto.  I pulled out all the stops for Valentine’s, so I need to at least meet those expectations for his birthday.  No pressure.

Next, he is attending a wedding this weekend.  I’m not sure wether or not he’ll be free on Sunday, but I don’t care.  That signals to me that this overly dramatic week is coming to its close.  Next week should be relatively free for the both of us, given our usual obligations.

Reason 5:

I’m doing this.  Once I make it through the first couple days, I’ll be fine.  Right now, my body hates me to the point I’m popping Vicodin just to walk.  My reasons for doing this, other than wanting a rock-hard stomach, will be elaborated in a later post; whenever I get around to that.

On the bright side, my 8-week Network Fundamentals class ends next Monday or Wednesday(?).  Yea, there’s my silver lining Jennifer Lawrence.


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