a mother’s nature

I am over snow.  I am over winter.  I am over 30 degree weather.

Bring back some sun so I can stop being mopey.  Give me my 70 degrees, light-breeze weather I love.  Give me back my relationship.  Yes, you mother.  You are obviously upset and don’t want to see us together.  Well, get over it.  You’re too old to be caring about personal matters of my life.  Just know he makes me happy.  That I can finally see myself as this healthy, positive individual that I knew existed.  

So maybe I took you for granted this past summer and fall; sleeping in all day, not going out and experiencing life.  I apologize.  I know you said you would warm up this weekend to the idea of him and I together, but how long is that gonna last before you turn cold again?  Distant.  Uncaring.  Dull and grey.

But it’s March and most of us are getting tired of your icy blasts.  Fits of frozen hate piling up in everyone’s yards.  We are over it.  We have plowed your nonsense to the side.  We have even thanked you for those momentary glimpses of spring- but it’s time you committed.  Or be committed.  There’s just no other way.

You’re so unpredictable mother.


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