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anchors & ampersands

the ampersand is the universal symbol of connection and continuance. the anchor is steadfast yet mobile.  our lives are the embodiment of this idea.

stylized: A|A [official logo TBA]

I have decided to expand into the foray of daily blogging.  I promise it to be a fair representation of “drop out” life.  Plus, I plan it to be far more personal than this with the inclusion of pictures and videos(?).  Ok, maybe ixnay the videos.

I am still in love with the blog though.  I will continue to maintain the blog with new content, as well as importing posts from A|A.

With separation come definition.  This blog will be home to the thought provoking, in-depth posts, that you have hopefully come to expect from me.  Posts here will be more along the lines of how I’m adjusting to life as I embark on this educational path.  I feel this situation that hasn’t received much of a voice; so I will return to that.

For A|A, this blog will give readers a candid look into my life.  It is part experiment to see if I can blog every day for a month.  I will be presenting daily thoughts, reactions, and ramblings.  Pretty much whatever, wherever.  I am hoping it will be an entertaining side-blog that tells to what happens in between the thoughtful blogging.  Here’s my “Real World”.

Stay tuned for more information!

anchors & ampersands launches June 1st!


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