update complete



There it is.  The logo for anchors & ampersands.  Which is launching in two days!  I have already set up the blog, customized the theme; it’s pretty much ready to go!  It’s just awaiting my type to caress it’s virgin page.  I have never been more excited and anxious to embark on such a project.  I have high hopes that it will become the blog I want it to.  I mean shit, I had to brush up on some photoshop and CSS/HTML skills I’ve left buried since my Myspace days.  

To prepare myself for essentially a blogging marathon, I had to train like any other athlete.  Except the stars of this race are my mind and fingers.  I have built up a queue of blog posts  that I assure will be interesting.  This silo will helpful for those days where nothing happens.  Trust me, those happen more than I’d like.  As much as I like to rant and hate-blog, I will try to limit those.  Well, I’ll at least try to balance them out with more emotionally neutral posts.  We’ll see how long this lasts.

That’s all I have for now!

June 1st I will reveal the blog address/location for those who wish to follow!


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