closing time

May 18th

I’m not into the whole, you-scratch-my-back-I-forget-you-even-exist work environment. It only habors dirty looks to those who don’t believe in favors.  It’s even worse when management encourages this type of high school behavior.

I’m not against building teamwork in the workplace. But, having people take shifts for you shouldn’t be a standard for camaraderie.  I have and always will be a team player, as long as everyone doesn’t think they’re the MVP.  In the cutthroat world of a shoe salesperson, everyone thinks they’re the best and prove that they are.

Sorry, I’m a broke college student who needed money, not a career in sales. I’m not $30,000 in debt to tell grandma she looks nice in four inch turquoise pumps.

That’s another thing they didn’t understand; I am a college student. I was recently asked why I was turning down so many shifts. Actually,  I was asked if I had another full-time job; I was reading between the four-lane highway sized lines. My response: “Yea, it’s called fucking school.”

I wished I said that. I meekly responded with, “No, I just have school.” I’m guessing no one gets the hint. SCHOOL IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A JOB.


Wow.  I was pissed two weeks ago.  I had right to be.  My supervisor skated over my two-weeks notice I handed in that same day.  Wanna know how?  She left a message asking me if I could pick up an asinine 1-10PM shift (HELL NO), then mentioned how we can talk about “getting my schedule changed”.  Correct, I pulled the stunt to get my schedule changed.  Obviously.  If I don’t get my way I threaten to quit.  Sorry, I have a lot more self-respect than that.  Let alone that’s fucking immature.

It was the initial discussion I had with my supervisor that sealed the deal.  I was already planning to quit as I had a job lined up starting this summer into the school year.  She told me that I needed to pick up more shifts, I ignored the comment and asked about changing my availability because I’m taking a summer class.  She smirked her response saying I had to wait until July.  My class started in June.  Without expressing any concern, she told me I would have to build “partnerships” to give my shifts up…for a month.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME.  No compromise then, but she presents one a week later.

I may be desperate for money, but her lack of leadership has turned me elsewhere.  Also, the expectation that I have to pick up shifts.  Excuse me, I do not have to do anything.  Apparently, I’m the only intelligent person that sees his schedule then plans accordingly for my social life.  No, I cannot work Friday 2-11PM.  I saw my schedule TWO WEEKS AGO and planned something.  I swear, people get so caught up in the routine of work that when something “comes up” there’s a scramble to find someone to replace them.  And when that someone becomes me and I turn it down, I’m the dick.  I saw my schedule, I get to see my boyfriend or go party.  Penciled in.  They touted balance between life and work.  “Flexible hours!” the job posting read.  Flexibility my ass.

All in all, I enjoy the work.  I learned I’m a natural sales man.  So thank you for the opportunity.  But, no thank you for you begging offer.

Like all opportunities, this one has reached its end.


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