Why My Boyfriend Is Better Than Yours

Everyone compares their significant other to the SO of another because we’re all love competitive.  We show them off at any given moment.  We plaster social media with the “Absolute Cutest Thing They’ve Ever Done”.  Just to prove that our boo is better than yours.

Sorry to break it to ya sister, my beau has yours beat.  He’s that guy that leaves everyone clutching their sides in laughter, charms them to pieces, walks away and leaves them wanting more.  Or maybe that’s just what he does to me.  Whatever.  Here’s why my boyfriend is better than yours.

  1. He Listens.  With unwavering intent.  It’s as if my words are the oxygen to his lungs; inhaling every earful I give him.  Whenever I’m speaking, he looks like he is converting my words into a motion picture only he sees.  It’s a look of genuine interest.  He’s the first to hear of my accomplishments and failures.  Not because he is bound by our vows as boyfriends to hang on my every word- but, because he will hear me out before judging.  No matter how farfetched.  Like the I threatened to drop out of school…for the fifth time…in two weeks.
  2. He Remembers. With him being a great listener, he is able to recall past moments with frightening ease.  Disclaimer: he may listen well, that doesn’t always mean he remembers well…including the correct order of events that lead to us dating. SIGH.  I still love his forgetful ass though.  However, when he does remember minute details of an embarrassing story I told a week ago and references it- DEAD.  As someone who is born of the internet, my life-blood consists of pop-culture references and memes.  Life is better when you can create memes IRL (a.k.a. inside jokes).
  3. He Jokes. A sense of humor tops everyone’s My Future SO Must Have This list.  Frankly, I have never met anyone who is as sharp and quick-tongued as he is.  Not only is his timing impeccably, his delivery is almost professional.  This allows for the most side-splitting, air-gasping back-and-forths I’ve ever experienced.  The most humorous moments are those that build upon the current situation, add a reference or quick play on words, and finish with a “Did you really just say that?!”  That’s only if I manage to stop cackling/honking like a hyena-seal hybrid.  I love/hate the way I look when he makes me laugh.
  4. He Understands.  I’m that guy with the crazy exes and even crazier “friends”.  The one that all your friends advising throwing a crucifix at because gay men, like vampires, will burst into flames at the sight of Jesus.  Joking aside, he has remained a fixture in my life these short four plus months.  If screaming on the phone at your ex as if you were Mel Gibson ordering Chinese food from a black guy didn’t scare him away (during our third time meeting), I must be doing something right.  He gave me the chance to prove to him I’m worth it.  Admit it, at the first sign of crazy you would have chucked deuces and blocked their number, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest…  He chose to stay and that makes me his #1 Fan.
  5. He Is My Boyfriend.  Obvious right?  Not always the case.  Nowadays there are friends with benefits (Thanks Mila and Justin for making that socially acceptable you sexy assholes), fuck buddies, best-friends who hook up occasionally, best-friends who hook up continually and deny they’re anything even though they have admitted feelings towards each other and strangers can see they’re practically dating.  Call it what you want, but these are just causal interactions.  I can’t bring myself to call them relationships.  The difference is commitment.  A commitment to be with one another until otherwise stated.  We’re committed to attributing to each other’s well-being.  We’re committed to drive each other crazy.  We’re committed to a partnership; a commitment to love as boldly as possible.



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