Today Was A Great Day For a Bike Ride

source: t—h—u—m—p—e—r

It’s days like today that I wish I knew more people in my neighborhood.

Instead of riding around aimlessly gawking at suburbia, I could ride to someones house, annoy them with my presence and bribe them to join. Because if you’re a true 90’s kid, you have a bike. A bike that you will pass down to your children because nothing screams summer more than riding a badass mountain bike.

After I got past my longing for an active companion, I was overcome with wanting children. I’m the king of extremes. I’m worst than a pregnant woman when it comes to my child cravings.

Doesn’t help I rode by a school too; there I saw a grandmother playing softball with her grandson. Kodak moment at its finest. Then I imagined waiting for my kids to be released from school as we’d walk home on a day like this. Maybe I drove up with bikes on the car rack for an impromptu ride after school. I’d be awesome dad.

Yea, today was an awesome day for a bike ride.



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