sunday funday?

Not only has my OCD kicked into full gear for the past hour, I turned on my “Trophy Husband” switch too.

I just spent most of my day slaving at a laundromat.  Which just so happened to be my first time.  I was a little disappointed when there wasn’t a child stuck in a washer…too soon?

I’m twenty-fucking-two sitting in a strip mall, watching The Real World on my tablet while the couple next to me decided to have a Wal-Mart dinner.  Honestly, that’s not a bad idea.

I get home and do more lady-work.  Also known as, more damn laundry.  I don’t actually mind do laundry, just that it takes so much time.  So, I’m folding sheets on sheets on sheets to get ready for my move in tomorrow.  (Trust me, I will be blogging about that for sure.)

I then proceed to finish re-reorganizing my closest.  All those clothes on the racks were on the hangers, so I had to do a flip and bring down all my sexy ass summer clothes.  LOLJK.  I can’t wear half of my shorts and most of my t-shirts are from a fat/gangsta phase I went through in college/high school. I finally hung that shoe organizer on my door so everyone who comes over can see I have more shoes than any guy should ever have.  #noshame.

Know what’s the worse part about all this?  I enjoyed it.

I’m clearly a masochist.



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