Fck’ed Friday #1

Here’s another weekly thing coming at ya.

The inspiration behind this group of posts was to look back on my week and see what I fck’ed up on. Then I’ll provide an update of my issues the following week! If, by some grace of God, I happen to not mess anything up that week, I’ll just find something so disturbing and post that instead!

Shall we begin?

  • I may have, possibly, kinda sorta, re-ruined my college career. I had meetings earlier in the week to straighten things out, and I couldn’t be more lost. I have a summer class that starts next week that I may be dropping as well. I haven’t told my parents either…so I might be fck’ed.
  • I certainly strained a couple of my friendships. Without pointing fingers, we did not handle things as the adults we are. Social media certainly allows for one’s spitefulness to reach the intended target. Maybe some understanding can come of this. Hopefully, otherwise I may be fck’ed.

Well, that’s all for this week! Next Friday (technically today because I am a lazy blogger) you’ll see whether or not I worked these things out. Don’t always expect a happy ending either, that’s something my life has taught me.

Until next time.



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