January Made Me Realize…

  1. Global Warming comes in the form of the movie Frozen.  This week must be a double-feature.
  2. Snow days at 23 are the same when you’re 13; just add booze.
  3. I hate my job.
  4. I could never be in a leadership position at my job because I would change all the rules to my liking.  And still be better than everyone else.
  5. I have an ego issue?
  6. I know too much about housing prices in various markets.
  7. I blame that on binge watching House Hunters.
  8. I don’t really hate my job.  I have a strong disdain for their business practices.
  9. I WILL move to LA.
  10. How much I miss talking to you.
  11. I’m still terrified of telling my parents my life goals.
  12. I still hate Biology.
  13. I should start writing more.
  14. I should start vlogging more.
  15. I should create time do those things because they make me happy.
  16. I am slowly becoming a morning person.
  17. I don’t like being a morning person.
  18. That I have some important people in my life that I need to keep; because they’re property.
  19. It’s really hard to get back into the swing of things.
  20. How much potential is left in this year– even if it started out shitty.

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