lost ’cause

It’s times like this that set me off.  

Sharing a common interest with someone is effing amazing.  Especially when that type of connection is all new-car smelling.  What fucking sucks (not sure why I censored myself previously) is not being able to share it with that someone; whoever that may be!  No one is going to understand how I legit *GASP* at the drop of Paramore’s latest music video.  (And when they announced they were going on tour with Fall Out Boy this summer. #fangirling)  

We all have that one person that understands us and our quirky habits.  And our borderline in-need-of-hospitalization obsession with YouTubers.  That’s a hard space to fill once it goes empty.  You try to steer current friends into your black-hole but they aren’t having any of it.  You can’t steal enthusiasm.  And if they’re a good friend they won’t fake it just so you feel better.  Then months down the road you’re at a concert having the time of your life with your friend Bored-to-Fucking-Death. 

Maybe that’s the sign of losing a real good friend.  Hell, a kick-ass human being.  And you lost ‘em.  You lost that one person who either tolerated the shit out of you enough to call you a friend.  Or they truly enjoyed the weird shit you did and saw it as just one of your colors in the awesome rainbow of you.  Yea, well guess what:

So did I.  


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